Community Center


Newark, NJ

The Cultural Center is proposed to be located in the downtown area, near or around the NJPAC's cultural center area. The cultural center will be a hub for multiple social programs. It will house a museum with cultural art exhibits, a computer learning center, remembrance hall, a high profile panoramic view restaurant with 2 outdoor roof top eating areas and a 1000 person capacity banquet hall that can be split into 3 sections. The cultural center will also have two theaters with the ability to show positive movies & cultural performances. One theater for community performances, seating 500 and a Cultural Education College. The Community Center is also designed to have 12 high end retail shops ranging from Coffee Shop, Health Food Store, Bookstore, Massage Therapy, Physical Fitness Facility and Clothing Stores. This building has been in development, over the course of 20 years, with the intent of being a source of Healing & Wellness for culturally diverse communities across the country.

United Muslim Inc. Community Center,

Newark, NJ

The Masjid Community Center is presently under construction located at 807 Hunterdon Avenue.  This project has been 4 years in the making, the City of Newark helped support the United Muslim Inc. by providing a construction grant.  The beautiful community center will bring many great community programs to the area. 

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