Cecil Christopher Sanders

President & CEO

Cecil Christopher Sanders is President, CEO and founding partner of WSM Associates, LLC, established in 2003.

Chris earned his Bachelors of Architecture from Hampton University, Va. in 1995. He finished at the top of his class, and was voted Mr. Architecture '95. He began his professional career with Wilson Woodridge Architects in East Orange, NJ, and within the 1st year, he was appointed lead designer for a new building commissioned by the Urban League of Essex County a national nonprofit organization. He later spent 11 years at Johnson Jones Architects Planners, Inc., in Princeton, NJ, as head of the firm’s Church and Residential Design Department.

His areas of expertise also include residential, commercial, educational, health centers, governmental facilities, restaurants, community centers and retail spaces. 

WSM Associates, designs inspiring structures to meet their clients’ needs and improve local landscapes. Chris believes that once a project begins, a marriage is formed between the client and architect, "the project becomes that families baby", and it is OUR duty to raise a healthy, stable and successful project TOGETHER, as a team". 
Chris is also Legacy design and construction professional working with his father Cecil H. Sanders Jr. and works as a Project Manager for him in CHS Construction Co., www.chsconstructionco.com.

Lastly, Chris also loves to give back, he is founder of  Wisdom Shapes Minds Community Development a NJ Non Profit 501(c)3 Corporation (WSMCDC), www.wsmcdc.org, who has united a group of more than 20 professionals, to implement elective programs, into schools, colleges, churches, non-profit organizations, juvenile detention centers and businesses. WSMCDC is focused on teaching the community, young and old, the elements of wellness & healing, the marquee program is called  "How to Create a Visionary With an Architect's Mind".

WSM Associates

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